Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Nutella Banana Muffins

It is June, right?! I'm sitting at my desk right now and I'm looking out of the window... this weather gets me down. And my right wrist is totally overstrained, so I guess I should try and rest a little for a few days... no extensive cooking and baking sessions...

But I can still visually feed you (and myself) with something nice, can't I?!

I know, it's muffins again, but who doesn't like muffins! These are very easy. I nicked the recipe here.

I have baked them several times already and they sure are a winner at any dinner or party! You just tell people that there's Nutella in them and they will be gone in no time ;-) Their texture is heavenly... and the combination of Nutella and banana... delicious...

Talking about those muffins already makes me happy :-) You should try them out, they won't forsake you!

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