Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eggs and Smoked Salmon in Herb Sauce

I made that for my brunch two weeks ago. I wanted to include some savory dishes also. Since I had a lot to do with everything, I was looking for something simple and I found this recipe on Annemarie Wildeisen's homepage. I think, this dish would also make a good starter at a dinner.

(from Annemarie Wildeisen, slightly adapted since I spontaneously decided to make it and had no chervil at hand)

3 eggs (cooked, halfed)
a handful of parsley
a handful of chive
180g sour milk (I used m-dessert from Migros) or sour cream
0.5 lemon (grated zest)
6 tranches of smoked salmon

Chop the herbs (keep some on the side for decoration) and mix with the sour milk. Add lemon zest. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside (you can prepare this and keep in the fridge).

Right before serving, spread sauce onto a big plate. Put salmon tranches onto the sauce (form some sort of nest). Put the halfed eggs into the salmon nests and if you want to, you can spread some more sauce onto that and then decorate with remaining herbs. Serve right away.

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