Monday, July 12, 2010

Apricot Vanilla Jam

I didn't turn on the oven this weekend. It gets unbearably hot in our flat these days and - it's really true - I don't feel like baking a cake. I didn't cook much either.

Last week, I made a new batch of jam. Apricot jam is my favourite and therefore, I bought a bag full of apricots as soon I spotted the first ones at our local grocery store. I combined them with one of my favourite flavours: vanilla. It turned out quite yummie. Check out the recipe below.

I used:

about 1.3kg apricots
about 1kg sugar
3 vanilla pods, scraped out seeds
1.5 - 2 dl white wine
juice from 1 lemon

Divide the apricots into halves and remove the core. Put the apricots into a large pan and add the white wine and lemon juice. Cook them until they are really soft. Then, puree (I did that with a hand mixer) and weigh the mash. For 1kg fruit puree, you need about 750g of sugar (the fruit-sugar ratio should be 4:3). Add sugar and scraped out vanilla seeds, put back onto the plate and bring to a boil. Let simmer for about ten minutes.

Test whether the jam has reached the desired consistency by putting a little drop of it onto a plate. If it's not flowing anymore it's fine. Otherwise cook a little longer.

Fill the boiling jam into preheated glasses and seal them. Then turn them upside down for about a minute (kills the fungus spores) and then turn around again and let cool.

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