Monday, May 02, 2011

Rice Crispy Treats

I realized that it is exactly a year ago since I started this blog. This means that today is my first blogversary! A good occasion to post something on gifts from the kitchen. Most of the time, I make gifts for my family and friends myself instead of buying them something. Homemade jam or cookies are always a hit. These rice crispy treats will make you the star of any children's party, but they will also do for adults, believe me ;-)

(Source: Nicole Stich & Coco Lang - Geschenke aus der Küche)

5-6 drops of sunflower oil
25g butter
200g white marshmallows (the smaller, the better)
a pinch of sea salt
200g Rice Krispies
2-3 colored sugar pearls (or chocolate sprinkles)

Line a 20x20 cm baking tin with parchment paper. Or just use a big baking tray, you will have to press this chewy batter in form anyway.

Melt butter in a big sauce pan. Add marshmallows and melt them on medium heat while constantly stirring, don't let them burn. Add salt, then the Rice Krispies and the sugar pearls.

Fill the batter into the baking tin or pour onto the baking tray and flatten with a spatula. You can also use another parchment paper to flatten this sticky batter. Let this get firm in the fridge for about half an hour. Then, cut into about 5x5 cm cubes and store in an airtight container until you give them away. They keep in a cool place for about 2 weeks.

Time to say thanks to all my followers! I get such nice comments on this blog from my friends and some of them have even tried out some of the recipes I posted. Lately, my friend Melissa came to me and wanted me to test the peanut butter cookies she had baked - they were better than mine :-) Yesterday, I got a batch of brownies from Luzia (I recently gave her a brownie tin as a present), they were scrumptious! It makes me really happy that I can inspire you guys to spend more time in the kitchen. Baking and cooking is still one of my greatest passions and I will surely keep going ;-)

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