Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spaghetti with Ricotta, Spinach and Parmesan

There are not many dishes that I love more than dessert :-) but with pasta it's different... Pasta is always a good choice: if you have guests, if you feel bad and need something to cheer you up, if you've had an exhausting day, if you're ill, or - like today - just as a simple lunch for two.

I found this recipe on Jamie Oliver's homepage. Go get it here!

I've changed some things however: I used - as you might have guessed - ricotta instead of mascarpone :-) and I used cream with 25% fat. It turned out quite nourishing still.

I suggest you try this one out! Trust me, it makes you happy! It's really easy and somewhat tasty! I'm going to cook this again very soon!

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