Sunday, April 01, 2012

Coconut Cake

What is better than coming home from a relaxing afternoon at the spa? Coming home from a relaxing afternoon at the spa knowing there's cake waiting for you. Anina and I just discussed it, it's not really Sunday if there is no cake...

I decided to make this coconut cake more interesting flavour-wise and visually by spreading it with apricot jam and sprinkling it with more desiccated coconut, but I'm sure it would be delicious just plain as it is. If you're a coconut-fan, go for it! I think this would also be great served with fresh berries or other fruit.

(slightly adapted from: Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra - Warm Bread and Honey Cake)

225g plain flour
2.5 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
225g butter, softened
225g sugar
3 eggs, lightly beaten with
1 tsp vanilla extract
135g desiccated coconut with
90ml warm water

for the topping:
apricot jam
more desiccated coconut

Preheat the oven to  160°C. Line 20cm square tin (I used a 24cm diameter springform pan) with parchment paper.

Mix the desiccated coconut with the warm water and set aside. Sift the flour with the baking powder and salt, set aside.

Beat the butter and sugar until creamy and lightened in colour. Beat the eggs with the vanilla extract and add to your mixture, a little at a time. Beat well. Fold in the flour in three batches, then fold in the coconut until well combined.

Pour the batter into the prepared pan. Bake for about 35-40 minutes or until the cake is golden brown and a skewer inserted into the center comes out clean.

For the topping, heat apricot jam in a small saucepan and strain through a sieve. Spread over your cake while it's still warm. Sprinkle with more desiccated coconut. You could also roast the coconut in the oven for a bit before spreading over the cake.

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