Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm still here...

My dear followers… it’s February already and I feel bad for leaving you alone for such a long time… I haven’t had much time to cook and bake recently because I was extremely busy with my final paper for university. I’m almost done now… a few days are left and after that, I will celebrate with a huuuuge cake or something :-D

Come spring, I definitely want to feed you with new, delicious recipes and photos… bear with me for a little longer…


  1. Katrin, wishing you lots of energy and motivation to finish off your thesis. With all the cakes and recipes in mind, you've got something to look forward to and celebrate. :o)

  2. Looking forward to read your next posts :)!


  3. Scrumptious! I am amazed by the beauty of your pictures. All the best for the thesis (and I`ll try the chocolate cranberry cake first!)

  4. Thank you Martina! I am happy if I can inspire people to bake :-) tell me how the cake turned out!


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